Grim Sunday 

I only say that because my husband just hollered at me for forgetting something.  Welcome to my world.  I try to write important things down.  I use post it’s for more important things.  Bad experiences urged me to do all that  I can to keep from driving my family crazy with my wacky brain.  Dang Multiple Sclerosis.  Diagnosed 24 years ago.  Doing well physically and living happily in a our split level home in the burbs.  My favorite work out is swimming.  Trying to retrieve my mile once a week on Sundays but it’s tough to swim laps when I can’t get one of my guys to drive me to the nearby pool.    I no longer have a drivers license ‘cos our insurance company raised our rates because of my disease.  No accidents to speak of accept when I was driving too slow and a deputy pulled me over saying I appeared drunk!  Geeze, that’s what my former employer said to me when I walked with a wide gate shortly after returning to work after a month learning how to walk again at a local rehab hospital.  Do you have any idea how many things have to move with precision to simply walk like most people walk?  Too much to talk about.  I hope no one reading this has to ever repeat this experience.  



Happy news.  My sister had a tumor on her brain this weekend and it was found to be benign.  Hooray!

My kitties

Eating a quiet breakfast with dogs napping at my feet and the sound of my 2 cats running upstairs from room to room.  I hope it’s not too violent but since the day we brought home a new kitty from animal control, our kitties never cuddle. I climb into bed and Teeney, the new one climbs on my pillow the licks my hair and Lucy glares with disgust laying at the end of our bed trying to nap with one eye open. I love ’em both and like most moms, I wish they’d just get along.  Any ideas?


My sister is 4 years older than me.  I am 62. I am  petite and still able to pick up a few things like sox in the petite department @ Macy’s.  My Sister and I live miles apart. It is not just miles from East to West that separate us. We are kindred in many ways with dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin but that’s about it.  Why am I talking about this at this time?  Good question.  This may take some time….

Not always so easy…

….but worth attending to every minute of every day.  I am talking about my husband, Jim.   32 years ago we  promised to always honor our wedding vows and that we have done.  We are happy and still live together even though sometimes we bicker about the silliest things.  Today, Jim got angry at me for not writing in detail what I spent $ on in the check book register.  Yes, I still write checks and pay our bills from our neighborhood bank even though most people prefer to pay their bills on line.  Is that just old fashioned or worse?  I think it’s probably both.   At this time I think that my husband is cranky about something that probably doesn’t involve me.  Is he still feeling tightness after his hip surgery 6 months ago?  If so I think he should tell me but he doesn’t like to talk about something physical  when he’s hurting.  We’ll know more about his recover in the next few weeks when his Surgeon wants another office visit from him for an annual hip re check.

Tuesday afternoon

Such a wonderful day at my place in Aurora, Colorado.  The sun is shining, the windows are open and my 3 dogs are trotting in and out to our back yard freely.  I always like to emphasize the ups before the downs.  I just mentioned the ups and the down is that my husband of 32 years left for a work trip back East today not to return till Saturday evening. He acts like he’s so strong but he is only 2 months away from hip surgery.  Why do guys hate to act weak.  I know he still hurts but he just keeps going like he’s still a teenager.  Guys.