My animals

We have a little dog, the smallest of three.  Yes, we have THREE dogs.;  a really big shaggy Labradoodle we call Codi, a Shepard-Chow mix named after big and strong Sampson from the bible, and Sweetpea with the ever changing first name.  We haven’t decided if her name is ‘Sweetpea’ or ‘Sweettea’.  Imagine that.  This little dog is a combination Chihuahua. hot dog and pug.  A three dog combo with attitude.  She runs faster than her house mates and terrorizes our cats that are bigger than her.  Yes, we also have cats, cats with claws unafraid to scratch and that they do.  But that hasn’t tamed our wild little Sweet dog (pea or tea, you decide).  So where do my non-canine and feline babies fit in?  It’s tight but  they are all at the top of my priority list.  I love all my babies, even though some weigh more than me, are all taller than my 5 foot me, but are all the crown of my family priority tree.


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