One of my dogs

I wrote awhile ago that one of my dogs Sampson was named after the strong man in the bible.  I stand corrected.  Son Adam just told me that his dog was named after someone more notable to him. That’s the drug dealer in the Dave Chappelle movie ‘Half Baked’.  He tells me it was a favorite ‘stoner movie’ he watched constantly in College (I thought he just studied).  He now has a copy of the DVD sitting on his book shelf.   Imagine that.


4 thoughts on “One of my dogs

  1. Consider yourself lucky you ended up with a dog named Sampson. There are some “stoner movies” out there you would have something really obscene. Imagine going to the vet and filling out the paperwork for #*%+€& or meeting a nice little old lady while walking the dog. “Hi I’d like you to meet @$¥%#&0#?£¥. It would be really embarrassing


  2. Yes, it would be bad if your Sylknw/lkne words would be what I think they could be. I think I’ll stick with Sampson, Sweet pea or lovey. That’s the ‘ol lady in me. Our Vet whom we’ve used for 20 years would simply chuckle and just write it off as ‘that’s another unexpected Jenny comment’. I like surprise.

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