Thoughts About “Gut Feelings”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

My gut feeling and my instincts, are they one and the same? I have had many things involving both beginning when I was a teenager.  Being the typical ‘ I can do anything I want teen’ I chose to hitchhike by myself from Massachusetts to New York on the Mass Pike by the sign that warns that hitchhiking on the Pike is not recommended.  It was the early 70’s.  I had no fear and happily my instinct turned out to be right on.  I stood on the highway, put my thumb out, got picked up with my big pink Lark suitcase  and all went well as I suspected it would.  Would I ever recommend that a teen now a days do the same?  Never.  Gut feelings have changed in the 40 something years since then when doing what I did was not what could now be an awful choice.  My gut was right-on back then but my gut feeling about doing it today would be very different.


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