Good Doctor News.

I made a Dr trip yesterday, one of 2 per year for a check up with my Neurologist. Happily that’s when I got the not unexpected news. He said that I am doing as well physically this time as I was doing the last time I saw him 6 months ago with a request from Dr Bowling to make another appointment to see him again in the spring.

My assignment from Dr B is to keep swimming and walking for exercise and to walk more often and faster by using my walking sticks. When he mentioned the importance of the walking sticks he reminded me about why they’re so necessary for me. Yes, I love to walk and that’s what I do through the neighborhood whenever I can. He told me that the sticks are critical for me because of the way it has me moving not just my hips and legs but my upper body, kind of like choreographing my own private ballet. I am to swing my shoulders and arms as I do my lower body. Never really thought that would matter but now I do. The walking sticks are now a part of my daily walk or ballet if you will.


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