Holiday shopping

Husband, son and I decided it was time to finish our seasonal holiday mall trek last night. Daughter Emma had party plans (lucky her) so it was just the three of us. This would officially put the’buy too much’ season in our back pocket leaving time now to clean and cook, see a good movie and laugh about having fun till our face hurts. Holidays are sweet but family fun is better. Thank goodness we are able to enjoy both. Was it just the luck of the cards or careful planning to be so extremely happy?


One thought on “Holiday shopping

  1. So we’ve been cutting back on on everything, decorating, shopping, cooking, eating,etc. I am a big fan of shopping in your Jammie’s with a snugly cat on my lap and having boxes arrive on my porch. So we just spent the weekend having fun with Rebecca and Juliette visiting instead of fussing about what still HAD to be done.


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