Family change.

No, no break up of my happy 31 year marriage, no crazy money problems for us and despite my life with Multiple Sclerosis for which I am doing well with, it’s more personal. It’s about my son Adam. He’s 31 years old and he’s moving on and out of our home and into his own place. I know it’s a good thing for him but it makes me hurt inside real bad. I’ll miss having him near me, making meals with and for him, keeping tabs on our favorite football team together and nurturing the 3 dogs and 2 cats in our abode. He is moving only a few blocks away and still, I ache inside just knowing that. I know all this emotional drama is all about me, not him. He’s growing up and I feel lonely just knowing he continues to live his life like most young men do and I am wondering ‘now what should I do?’ I’m a mom and I love that. It’s now time for me to re-evaluate my course and turn my pain into something better.


2 thoughts on “Family change.

  1. Jen, I feel your pain. My eldest son moved out and into the Army. Ugh! 4 tours to Irag and 12 or so years later he’s living in New York and still in the Army. My youngest is a county sheriff here in Maine. When they first moved out it was awful and having one in Bagdad didn’t help ( I couldn’t watch the news, watched a lot of The Walton’s though.) It was then that I threw myself into my job and volunteering. ( 40 hours and Saturday, Sunday doing computer work for the place I was volunteering for.) Today I work 27 hrs per week and also work at the local Thrift Shop as their assistant manager. I love being busy and while my health isn’t too bad diabetes and depression lurk in the shadows so keeping busy is key for me. Hope you find a balance that works for you!

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    1. Thx for your speedy response to my note. I wish I could get busy working and volunteering as you do. Because I no longer drive, I think that now I may get busy doing what I have always put off…putting my heart into writing an article for a magazine or the edititorial page in the local newspaper.


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