Not always so easy…

….but worth attending to every minute of every day.  I am talking about my husband, Jim.   32 years ago we  promised to always honor our wedding vows and that we have done.  We are happy and still live together even though sometimes we bicker about the silliest things.  Today, Jim got angry at me for not writing in detail what I spent $ on in the check book register.  Yes, I still write checks and pay our bills from our neighborhood bank even though most people prefer to pay their bills on line.  Is that just old fashioned or worse?  I think it’s probably both.   At this time I think that my husband is cranky about something that probably doesn’t involve me.  Is he still feeling tightness after his hip surgery 6 months ago?  If so I think he should tell me but he doesn’t like to talk about something physical  when he’s hurting.  We’ll know more about his recover in the next few weeks when his Surgeon wants another office visit from him for an annual hip re check.


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