Grim Sunday 

I only say that because my husband just hollered at me for forgetting something.  Welcome to my world.  I try to write important things down.  I use post it’s for more important things.  Bad experiences urged me to do all that  I can to keep from driving my family crazy with my wacky brain.  Dang Multiple Sclerosis.  Diagnosed 24 years ago.  Doing well physically and living happily in a our split level home in the burbs.  My favorite work out is swimming.  Trying to retrieve my mile once a week on Sundays but it’s tough to swim laps when I can’t get one of my guys to drive me to the nearby pool.    I no longer have a drivers license ‘cos our insurance company raised our rates because of my disease.  No accidents to speak of accept when I was driving too slow and a deputy pulled me over saying I appeared drunk!  Geeze, that’s what my former employer said to me when I walked with a wide gate shortly after returning to work after a month learning how to walk again at a local rehab hospital.  Do you have any idea how many things have to move with precision to simply walk like most people walk?  Too much to talk about.  I hope no one reading this has to ever repeat this experience.  


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